What’s in a name, Ladies & Gentlemen?

Those who know me well will know that I go by three names (putting aside for a moment the usual derogatory remarks and expletives!). The first is the friendly term and the one a genial fellow like myself is most commonly known, this being “Ally”. The second is the more formal term, such as may be used on business correspondence from creditors and so forth, this being “A. Sloper”. These two names have been used thus far in my adventures in the pages of Judy.

But what of my third and full name? What of the name of which “Ally” is the shortened form? Those of you who are familiar with my story will no doubt think it to be “Alexander”, and you are partly correct; but this is not the name I was born with.

I was born Alfred Sloper and, as you can see, I was still using that moniker in the installment below. So why the change to “Alexander”? I hear you ask. Well, that was the idea of them what put me in the papers later on, they considered the name Alfred to be too low, too reminiscent of the hoi-polloi, too “Anglo-Saxon”. No, Alfred was all well and good in these early days when I was sloping about amongst the undesirables; but then they made the decision to raise me up, to make humour from a poor low-born cove aspiring to mingle with the middle-classes, and they found amusement in giving me the grander name of Alexander. So, they had me change my name by Deed Poll and I became Alexander Sloper.

So, as the great man said:

What’s in a name? That which we call A. Sloper

By any other name would still be a cheat!

1870-10-26 sloper goes into comic literature - judy