Prepare yourselves, dear readers. Sad tidings indeed. We have arrived at the untimely demise of your friend Sloper.

“No, it cannot be!” I hear you cry, “you have been taken too soon… even though you are a hoary and ancient fellow.”

But please remain calm, it will not be the last time I have a dalliance with death. On occasion, it can be quite a convenience, and oftentimes lucrative, to appear to shuffle of this mortal coil.

You will notice in this latest installment that the action has left the field of Gallic battle and we are back in Blighty, at no less an establishment than 73 Fleet Street, E.C. London, the then home of Judy and the very premises where her London Serio-Comic Journal was published.

05 october 1870 - ally sloper at dead of night at 73 - judy or the london serio comic journal