Here we are, still at war. Well… I say “we”… of course, it is not actually us British at war (not this time anyway), it is just further petty squabbling between those powers that be ‘ong continong’, as they say across The Channel. Petty squabbling by those land-hungry well-to-dos that led to the deaths of thousands of honest working folk. ‘Twas ever thus!

And therein lies the problem of being numbered amongst the ‘honest working folk’ of this world, Ladies and Gentlemen, it leads to us being at the beck and call of those what some perceive as our ‘betters’. Well… I say “us”… but of course, being one of the honest working folk is something that your ‘umble narrator has never particularly aspired to!

24 august 1870 - ally sloper a prisoner - judy or the london serio comic journal