And so the war continues, Ladies & Gents. You will notice that your friend Sloper has once again been cruelly mocked simply for taking initiative on a situation for his own advantage. But, of course, it would not do for a fellow of the lower classes to take advantage would it now? And certainly not within the realms of such a just and noble endeavour as a war.

Well I say “Pah!” to them, Ladies & Gents. For what is war but a petty villainy writ large? Those what are in charge may tell us their cause is a just and noble one but you will find that when you boil it down, once the scum has risen and been discarded, the succulent meat is there for the rule-makers to feast upon. So what harm a cove who, if truth be told needs it more than them, helps himself to a little of it before their fat fingers can have at it?

judy or the london serio comic journal - sloper to the front - 1870