Of course, the purpose of any paper – be it daily or weekly – be it serious or comic – be it ancient or modern – is not to disseminate the events of the day in an informative or humorous way. It is not to provide its readers with a moral viewpoint to stand their lives upon. It is not for those readers to pay their penny and receive their moral instructions for the week while breaking their fast.

No, the only reason for a paper to exist is to line the pockets of them that owns it. And ever ingenious ways to get the punters to part with their pennies was needed.

Now then, Judy and myself would often get up various pretenses with the advertising, a sort of ‘reverse’ advertising if you like, as in the following, whereby I would send in a ‘private‘ letter to Judy with a scheme to get the punters in and it would either get ‘mistakenly‘ published or done so to prove the error of my ways and the judiciousness of Judy herself!

And, Lor! Did the punters go for it!

And, as a side note, the scholar of all things Sloperian will notice the ‘tools of me trade’, the ‘Symbols of Sloper’; coming to the fore at this time. Me hat and me gamp!