It was the best of times… no, it wasn’t at all, it was a d****d awful time!

There I was, your friend Sloper, off on a  jaunt ‘ong continong’, when a war breaks out between Prussia and France. Of course, being a brave and intrepid correspondent for ‘Judy, or The London Serio-Comic Journal’ I took the opportunity to fall very much on the ‘Serio’ side and report back on the horrors of war from within.

It should be noted that when that eminent political cartoonist, William Henry Boucher, captured my likeness in the top right corner (with my belongings all askew) of his piece about the British tourists attempting to flee the war-torn country, I was not joining the throng of escapees, I was merely trying to calm the situation… (ahem) despite any appearances to contrary.

1870-07-27 Exodus - ally sloper - william henry boucher - judy