In this history of your old friend Sloper we have now reached the 20th of July in the year 1870. Aah, mid-summer! A time to throw off the shackles of city life and enjoy a brief detour from the drudgery of an honest job of work (for those that indulged in such!). After the treacherous channel crossing I alighted ong continong at the popular resort of Le Havre.

And what is more, Ladies & Gents, this was to be an all expenses paid jaunt as dear old Judy once again secured me as a special correspondent and even arranged a meeting with the then Emporer of France, Napoleon III, with a view to accompanying that fellow on a further jaunt over to Prussia!

“Yes”, thought I, “Judy must hold A. Sloper in the highest esteem to bestow such an honour!” But, not being one to involve myself in the behind the scenes goings-on of the worldly stage, I was innocent of what was soon to transpire!

judy or the london serio comic journal - 1870 - ally sloper at Havre