As we all know, our beloved periodical, ‘Judy, or The London Serio-Comic Journal’ was made available at the news stands on the Wednesday of each and every week; and a right good twopenny-worth it was too. Alongside these individual issues, every six-month Judy would bind a half-year into a complete volume and sell these to the true connoisseurs of her work. All in a lovely red leather-look binding with gilt detailing. Yes, these volumes could grace the library shelves of any lady or gent (just as long as the lady or gent in question did not often entertain discerning visitors or mind a bit of mockery).


And in the front of each volume the ever young and lovely Judy would write a page to preface the entertainments therein. It may have taken me three and a half years of, let us not call it ‘hard work’ as that is not something within my sphere of knowledge, perhaps persistence would be more suited, three and half years of persistence before the name of Sloper was included in one of Judy’s prefaces. Just a brief mention it is true; but the name of Sloper was becoming marketable. Sloper was turning a profit at last!

preface to volume 7 of judy or the london serio comic journal - 1870 - Ally Sloper