I see that them what are known as capitalists are looked down upon in these times of ours, those that despise them laying the blame at their door for all the ills of our society.

For my own part and to lay my cards fully on the table, I count myself an advocate of the capitalist. Oh yes, who else has such well-lined pockets as the capitalist? Who else carries in full view such an ostentatious gold ticker? And their greed? That greed makes them as susceptible to a swindle as any country innocent in their cups.

Oh yes, if we know how to play the capitalist then their capital can find its way down to the lower orders, filtering through the pockets of the trickster to all the publicans, costers and chop house proprietors in the borough. This makes the capitalist as charitable as any philanthropist… whether they know it or not!

Ahem… just make sure you remember to mark your target well!

judy or the london serio comic journal, 1870, ally sloper, iky mo goes in for a capitalist