Evening all! Todays episode brings us the time when Moses and myself became private investigators. And what with all the crime occurring on the streets of London, a lucrative profession it was too.

The fact that the crime rate in our locality fell considerably during this time only shows the efficacy of our detection skills, or it mayhaps was due to us not committing the actual crimes during this period of our lives.

If you will notice any similarity between myself (an elegant pipe smoking gent with a distinguished nose, an impeccable dress-sense and a wont to partake in intoxicants) and another detective of the time, a certain Sherlock Holmes, who was to arrive on the scene a few years later, then I am sure it is all just a mere coincidence. Although of course, it is possible that Mr. Arthur Conan Doyle read my adventures in Judy…

no, I shall leave it to your own discretion, dear reader.

judy or the london serio-comic journal 1870 - iky mo unlocks a secret - ally sloper