The Compleat History of Ally Sloper: 16 ~ A Very Simple Story, 16-02-1870

A very simple story indeed, dear readers, and a time-honoured one at that. A couple of city folk taking advantage of an unsuspecting countryman who, in his naivety, decides to chance his arm on the mean streets of our dear old London. But, those countrymen… what they may lack in wits they more than make up for in muscle!

But a more interesting story hides itself in the details of today’s episode. Cast your eyes over this piece, Ladies & Gents, and see if you can spy a difference to those that have so-forth proceeded. That is right, the initials of our editor and the first to illustrate your Sloper, Charles H Ross, do not appear here! So, may we deduce that this is the first full page Tale of Sloper to be inked by our Marie Duval? I think we may.

Join me next time wherein will be unveiled a tale of secrets and mystery!

Judy or the london serio-comic journal - 1870 - ally sloper - marie duval


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