And so we reach the 15th installment in the history of your humble narrator. I fear that the Goose Club, which was once a common event in the days of my prime, has been long forgotten in these modern times we now find ourselves in, so a word or two on that phenomenon is perhaps in order.

A goose for Christmas dinner was a luxury that many could not afford and any enterprising publican worth his salt would start their own Goose Club, taking a weekly subsidy from the members, the small regular payments would build enough through the year to pay for a Christmas goose at the festive time. Of course, this was also a system which was open to abuse from unscrupulous types, of which I was one.

But I put it to you, my readers, as one of those what was known as the ‘undeserving poor’ I was low down in the pecking order when it came to charitable handouts. No, I had to feather my own nest, whether that be by fair means or fowl, and the Goose Club could be a nice little earner, if you had the pluck for it!

Want to know how it was done? Then take a gander at this!

judy or the london serio comic journal - 1870 - ally slopers goose club