Good morning to you one and all. Is time not a funny thing? This here episode which I offer to you today does come but one week after the previous episode when we are talking about the way Judy laid it out in her wonderful weekly paper; yet on this blog of mine a whole year has passed since I last updated my Compleat History. “But where have you been for a whole year, you venerable old cove?”, I hear you cry! Well, let us not concern ourselves with that now, instead let us rejoice that the year could have been longer were it not for a certain amount of ‘good behaviour‘!

Back in 1869, Dear old Judy retained the services of Iky Mo and myself as special foreign correspondents and packed us off to the exotic land of Egypt to send back news of the recently opened Suez Canal… a marvellous feat of engineering which would be a boon to world trade and would definitely not cause any problems in the future. Of course, looking back on it now, it makes a fellow wonder if the whole caper was in fact a way for Judy to get Moses and myself as far away as possible from her offices, of which we were often inclined to loiter around.

Whatever the reason, this episode I set before you was bought about by Charles Ross and Marie Duval and, as we will be soon to see, can be considered the beginning of a new ‘Golden Age’ for your friend Sloper.

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