Your attention please, Ladies and Gentlemen!

On the 24th of November in the year 1869 a notice was placed in the pages of Judy: or, the London Serio-Comic Journal; a small card, tucked away in a discreet corner, to announce the emergence from retirement of my good self and my associate Mr. Isaac Moses.

All of that waiting had paid off and your humble servant was to receive an honest wage in honest employ back in the pages of the popular press. Oh, my friends, this heralded a new Golden Age of Sloper, all that what had gone before was a mere preamble to that what was to come. No more a life of crime for Sloper, no more petty larceny, no more tricks, no more scams; a life, straight and narrow, lay ahead of me. Let us see how that turns out, shall we!

N.B. ~ Please ignore the footnote from Judy regarding the sending of stamps, this was intended as an honest transaction and in no way an attempt to defraud the readership of their legal tender. Honestly, can a poor old cove not turn over a new leaf?

1869-11-24 emerged from retirement - ally sloper- judy

1869-11-24 emerged from retirement - detail - ally sloper- judy