Ladies and Gentlemen, today’s installment in the the history of Ally Sloper represents a low point in the career of your humble narrator. ‘Tis true enough that what had begun as an introduction to a glittering career of fame and fortune was soon to lose its lustre.

My last issue saw me slipping from a fortnightly appearance to a three weekly; then, as you can see with this edition I present to you here today, there was a five week gap before I was to appear to my public once again. And, to add insult to injury, that Moses continued to get top billing.

But the most grievous thing, the thing that irks more than any of the other ignominies perpetrated on my good self, is the thought that my friend-no-more, Isaac Moses, ‘got up’ this whole business of introducing one of the previous Mrs. Slopers to ‘get me out of the picture’, as it were!

Well it worked, Ladies and Gentleman, with the appearance of that particular Mrs. Sloper I was forced to cast myself into the wilderness and retire from the world of public attention for a very long time.

But… was this the beginning of the end of A. Sloper, or merely the end of the beginning!!

ally sloper, the course of true love as conducted by isaac moses, judy or the london serio-comic journal, 1867