Hmm, take notice of the date of this current installment. Up until now myself and Moses had been appearing every other issue, once a fortnight regular as you like. But see here? Three weeks had passed before we were to appear again!

It was enough to make a fellow wonder if something was amiss! Could it be that Mr. Charles H. Ross was becoming bored of our antics? Or was he getting tired of your A. Sloper’s attempts at drawing his wage twice each week?

We shall not know the cause of this monstrous occurrence, this step to deprive the public of their fortnightly dose of Sloper, but here is that next installment in all its glory (however late it may have been); being where Iky Mo opens a barber’s shop. And, you may well notice, Moses has taken the lead role once again. Is there any suspicion to be taken at this? You may well ask! Join me next week for a further bombshell in the early career of Ally Sloper.

1867-10-30 Shaving by Machinery - ally sloper- judy