The Compleat History of Ally Sloper: 6 ~ Sloper’s Shilling Dinner, 09-10-1867

And here we have it, Ladies & Gentlemen, the very first time your friend Ally Sloper’s name, and his name alone, appears in the title of one of these whimsical adventures.

This tale relates to the time Moses and my good self opened a fine eating establishment and, as you can see, we were wont to use ‘locally sourced‘ meat, which I am sure will please the fine young moralists of today.

Now then, to scotch the rumours, even though I did now work for Judy, the offices of which were located on Fleet Street, I was no Sweeney Todd and drew the line at the local wildlife of the four-legged variety. But Iky Mo however…

Join me next time when Moses opens a rather dubious <ahem> barber shop…

ally sloper, sloper's shilling dinner, judy or the london serio-comic journal, 1867

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