Another fortnight passes in the world of Judy, or The London Serio-Comic Journal and your friend Ally Sloper makes another appearance; drawn, as usual, by the editor Charles H. Ross (see his signature down there in the bottom right). Things were certainly on the up for your ‘umble narrator – a regular column in a new and exciting journal, not every week admittedly but we all must start somewhere and a cove like myself must take his good fortune wherever he may find it – and, what’s more, my name in the title for the very first time and with equal billing to I. Moses (although Sloper & Mo would roll off the tongue far more pleasingly than Mo & Sloper).

Here is a simple tale of, as you would expect, our escaping the black air of Whitechapel by taking an outing to the seaside . ‘Course, this being 1867, holidays for the likes of us of the lower classes was a new extravagance what was made available by the spread of the railways; and, in truth, them what termed themselves the ‘middle’ classes were not happy with the hoi-polloi joining them on their genteel jaunts.

What could they have found to object to, I wonder?

ally sloper, mo & sloper take a holiday, judy or the london serio-comic journal, 1867