Another fortnight goes by and Judy publishes yet another adventure featuring A. Sloper.

As you can see, that rogue Moses is still receiving the top billing here but, I ask you, does that matter? You may be rancoured on my behalf, and I will thank you for that, but fear not, Moses always was after a quick turnaround on his ‘business’ deals; whereas your humble narrator was happy to play the long game and, after all, we know who triumphs in the end.

You may notice that Charles H. Ross portrays me with an impediment to my speech in the first frame here. Substituting a W for a V in the way Mr. Dickens was oft to portray some of the characters in his serials when denoting a fellow of the lower classes. I take umbrage at this, Ladies & Gentlemen! In truth, it has been noted that I am in possession of the “whitest of Whitechapel accents” but I have never substituted a W for a V. Never wery instead of very; never willain instead of villain; never wagrant instead of vagrant; never wicious instead of vicious.

No, Mr. Ross was taking a d****d liberty with me in this respect and trying to willify me even further than he was already; the vanker.

ally sloper, how iky mo went on the turf, judy or the london serio-comic journal, 1867

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