And so we come to the third installment of the history of your humble narrator. Just a fortnight after my very first appearance, here I am again gracing the pages of Judy, or The London Serio-Comic Journal.

“But, what is this?”, I hear you cry, “Where is the name of Sloper in the title? Is this another of your swindles, Mr. Sloper?”

Yes, it is a truth that I have not yet appeared in the title of one of these adventures of which I am professing to be my adventures but that is the danger of being acquainted with Iky Moses (he who also goes by the names of Isaac Moses and Iky Mo, should you have the misfortune to encounter him).

The agreement was that Moses and my good self would share in this new publishing venture and split the proceeds and the fame down the middle but, being the duplicitous scoundrel he was, Moses took the fore in these early days.

Whether he slipped the editor, Mr. Charles H. Ross, something to sweeten his life or whether he had some scandal held over said editor which said editor did not wish to see the light of day we shall never know as I am no longer in contact with Moses, nor would I wish to be.

Well here it is, the tale of how Iky Moses managed a theatre, with A. Sloper relegated to the ignominy of a mere support character.

Next time, should you be interested, I shall be taking to The Turf. Any wagers on whose name will grace the title?

ally sloper, how iky moses manages a theatre, judy or the london serio-comic journal, 1867

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