Today is indeed a special day!

The 14th of August marks the day, in 1867, A. Sloper first appeared in print; the Anniversaire de Slopaire, if you will. And, as I hold the dubious honour of being the very first recurring comic book character, today also marks the anniversary of all the comic book characters who followed in my path, however unsteady that particular way may have been. So join me in raising a glass of the finest unsweetened to all those inkers, scribblers and purveyors of whimsy who committed us fanciful folk to paper.

And what better way to celebrate the occasion of my one hundred and fifty oneth birthday than by reprinting here for you that very first appearance of mine.

In these early days the editor of Judy himself, Mr. Charles H. Ross, wrote and drew my adventures, under my narration of course. And a fine job of work he made of it.

Without further ado, here is that first appearance, entitled ‘Some of The Mysteries of Loan and Discounts’ and I will see you in the next installment where I will be getting somewhat theatrical.

First Ally Sloper, Some of The Mysteries of Loan and Discount, Judy or the London Serio-Comic Journal

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